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forklift safety

Considering that 1999, OSHA has been giving away greats rating from $7,000 to $70,000 to business which have intentionally employed inexperienced forklift operators. While it is more cost effective to supplied OSHA approved forklift safety and security training to your workers, these programs will additionally minimize the most likely hood of workplace injuries and improve efficiency.

Safety is incredibly crucial when operating a forklift. Without the proper forklift safety training, mishaps can occur. Damage could be done to the machine itself, setting you back the business countless bucks out of commission, or somebody can get impacted and even gotten rid of. Crashes can constantly happen, but if effectively learnt forklift security training, accidents can are less likely.

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forklift safety


Forklifts are some of the most energy devices in the work environment. They are in typical use in many centers and make our lives much easier due to their capability to lift very hefty tons in tight areas. The uploading and filling of vehicles happens considerably quicker with forklifts and the storage of product is easy with them as well. They are absolutely several of the most useful equipments ever before developeded. Nonetheless, with energy comes risk. Because of their energy, forklifts are also extremely dangerous. The correct forklift safety training has to be take place in ensure workplace safety and security. Actually, OSHA needs it. Right here are some security suggestions regarding driving forklifts.

Download a high quality version: This video, in dramatic style, puts you into the driver’s seat and shows you how difficult it is f…


Forklift safety and security is usually disregarded since once we get behind the tire, we neglect that it is not a toy. This might seem foolish, but it’s one of the most typical mistakes when making use of a forklift. You don’t wish among your workers to harm himself since he was racing forklifts with a co-worker in the warehouse. Not only does this sort of lax mindset regarding forklift safety put you and your employees at risk, but it additionally places your costly tools and materials in jeopardy. From both a liability point of view and a financial point of view, it is helpful for you to execute forklift safety into your workplace training.

Below is a list of safety precautions that need to be taken when utilizing a forklift. The listing is never clear-cut, yet it should serve as an overview for you to develop off of when carrying out or reexamining your forklift safety and security program.

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This cannot be overemphasized. As I point out above, among the essential problems educating forklift safety is transforming the mentality of your employees. You need to not address the forklift as a toy.

Another important part of forklift safety and security training is to familiarize and follow the standards stated by OSHA. There is even a to-do list from OSHA that all forklift operators must comply with to make certain correct safety treatments have been taken. All drivers must execute a daily, pre-start assessment, as called for by OSHA standards. This consists of examining all fluid degrees, inspecting for leakages and cracks, or other flaws, check the tires and the stress, basic problem of the forklift, load backrest extension, finger guards, making sure safety and security stickers and nameplates are proper, the drivers handbook comes and understandable, inspecting for oil and debris in the drivers area, which all safety gadgets are functioning effectively, seatbelt included.

So, where does one obtain forklift security training? There are many business that offer trainings in this subject and it depends on the company to keep their operators approximately day on all criteria and methods of forklift security training, along with several other subjects on forklift procedures.

10 Most Cited OSHA Standards 2012 – Free Safety Infographic

I posted this safety inforgraphic on a different site that I run.  It has many free resources for safety profeesionals –

Below is the post:

The National Safety Council recently published an article on the Top 10 OSHA Standards Cited in 2012.  They are going to published more information on the December 2013 issue.

The entire article can be found HERE


Below is a safety infographic that outlines the OSHA standards Most Cited in 2012.  Please share it with anyone you would like to.  It can be downloaded at HERE


10 Most Cited OSHA Standards 2012

10 Most Cited OSHA Standards 2012



Please feel free to share this and download it – It outlines the top 10 Most Cites OSHA Standards in 2012.

Forklift Safety Reminder – Rack Falls To Ground

This is a great video to show in your training.  Warehouses can be very dangerous and this is a very good reminder of it.  

This would be great to start with or just play during a toolbox talk


"Fork lift accident destroys warehouse, i feel sorry for everyone haha. !!! Funny."


WOW is all I can say after watching this video.  Look at about the 30 second mark and you will see what I am talking about.  Great Forklift Safety Reminder.


Forklift Safety Awareness Poster

The below are not a free but they are high quality forklift safety awareness poster.   Posters are an easy tools to keep the safety message going.  They can also be reviewed as a tool box talk or as incidents happen to re-focus operators.


Forklift safety posters – TheFind

BRADY FLSP Poster,18×24,fork Lift Safety. 731 people like this store. Forklift Driving Safety Poster (18×24 inch) -Spanish. POSTERS-FORKLIFT SAFETY POSTER. Brady Forklift Safety Poster – 18″ H X 24″ W.


When using posters consider changing them up on a re-occurring basis.  Keeping the message out there and changing it up will keep it on top the the operators minds.   There are many forklift safety awareness poster out there.  In future posts I will look for free ones as well.

Forklift Accident Training Video

How many times have you walked in a facility and noticed main bilding support have been struck by a forklift.  A common occurrence that is very dangerous.  In this short video it show just that an operator hitting a support.

This is a good video to show in training and talk about what went wrong.  Could he see through the mast?  Was he going to fast?  you get the idea.  

Forklift Tire Selection

Forklift Tire Selection – Matching a forklift tire to the job(s) you are doing and the environment you are doing them in is important.  With the wrong tire many things can go wrong from sliding off docks to rolling a lift.  Watch and share this short video on tire selction.

From the decription in the video - There are numerous kinds of forklift tires made from a number of various kinds or blends of different compounds. This video clip offers some standard details to assist you…

Use the video to help in your training and make sure you get the best forklift tire selection

Forklift Safety Stability Triangle

This is an aminated short video highlighting the stability triangle.  I always tend to think yu should cover this in several ways to make sure operators understand.  This is a very clear explination and a good tool to use.  It is 50 seconds but gives you a good intro.  
I would use this in conjuction with other training materials

Below is the description from the video Course Overview: Give your forklift safety a boost. This training course covers basic forklift operating procedures intended to increase safety and help prevent the most common forklift accidents. This course includes important information required by OSHA's general industry standards (29 CFR 1910.178) as well as best practices on how to operate or drive forklift and other powered industrial trucks. This course can be used as an introduction to forklift safety and operation for certification, or as a refresher on forklift basics. Included in this DVD: How a forklift truck works and moves The importance of performing inspections Safe methods of forklift operation Safe procedures for working around pedestrians and other equipment Common forklift hazards Scope of Course : This training video provides information on the most common types of forklifts used in general industry and warehouse environments; it doesn't cover rough terrain forklifts, aerial work platforms, or forklifts with extendable booms. Find more information at:

Forklift Safety Certification Training


Forklift Safety Certification Training

While the below is an example of an entire safety manual.  It is about 300 pages and is an excellent example program if you need help with an entire safety program.  

However, look on page 199 for a sample forklift safety certification 


File Format: Microsoft Word
This sample program is intended to be used as a tool in the development  Forklifts. Trenching and Excavation. Confined Space Entry. Welding  We will provide training, review our procedures, review accidents and maintain the equipment.…/PDF/Sample%20Safety%20Program.doc


Concrete barriers being carried by huge forklift

Image by Fifth World Art via Flickr


As a reminder, the OSHA powered industrial truck requirements require a certification of forklift safety training.  The above can be used as a sample to help get you started.

Pedestrian Struck By Forklift

I always comb the news looking for accidents that I can share with employees as a reminder of what can happen.  While I want to be respectful I also want to makesure it doesn't haapen again.  the below accident was a pedestrian struck by forklift.  


Many times, the conversation of who is responsible to watch out for forklift accident.  The truth is it is everyones and this is a good reminder of it.


Aircraft arrive at NAF Misawa in Support of Operation Tomodachi [Image 1 of 10]

Image by DVIDSHUB via Flickr



Elderly Pinedale woman killed by forklift
Casper Star-Tribune Online
Officials say Martha Nannen was walking to the Ridley's Market from an adjacent senior living facility when she was hit in the store's loading area. Sublette County dispatch received the call about 3:15 p.m. and Nannen was taken to the Pinedale Medical
…More at Elderly Pinedale woman killed by forklift – Casper Star-Tribune Online

Use the above article as a reminder to your employees to stay safe and aware of what can happen – pedestrian struck by forklift.


Forklift Safety Reminders

If you are looking for a good reminder for your forklift operators the video below may be just what you need.  It highlights 10 safety rules and shows a real accident that occurred to re-enforce the need for the rule.  As an example, Seat belts is the first one and it shows a forklift going off a dock.  Obviously the seatbelt keeps you in the lift and as safe as possible.  
Great video to reminder forklift operators to stay alert and operate safely.  Check it out and see if it will work with your program.

There are many free videos out there.  I like using them as reminders between regular trainings.  Thsi one coudl be very helpful to most facilities.
For more free forklift safety information see